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Watchface Design
Olaf Habbes (Iguana/IWD)
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Watch Maker Watchfaces for Android and Samsung Galaxy Watch
IWD Chrono XL
- Touch 3 oclock or 9 oclock to change screen.

- Touch 2 oclock for Weather Info.
* Touch Weather Icon to open Weather Widget.
* Touch Temperature to update Weather.

- Touch 10 oclock for Steps and Distance.
* Touch Steps to open Step Widget.
* Touch Distance to open Watch Health.

- Touch 12 oclock to open Settings, also for next Settings.
* Touch 3 oclock to close Settings.

Setting MENU:
Screen 1: Time Mode, 24h or 12h / 24h default
Screen 2: Date Mode, EU or US / EU default
Screen 3: Set Unit cm or inch / cm default
Screen 4: Set Step length.
Screen 5: Dimmed Opacity, 50% is default

- Touch 8 oclock to change Dimmed Mode AUTO, ON, OFF.

- Touch middle to move Hands, for better view of Digital!
  Touch again for Time!
IWD Aviator Pro Pilot
- Touch left Dial to open Watch Health.
- Touch right Dial to change Color.
- Touch Date Dial to open Watch Calendar.

- Touch right Screw above to open Weather Widget.
- Touch left Screw above to open Tap Launcher.
- Touch right Screw below to change Background.
- Touch left Screw below to change Background Color.

IWD Ranger
- Touch middle to move Hands.

- Touch THERMO for weather Info,
 Temperature, Wind, Sunset and SUNRISE.

- Touch HEALTH for steps, touch again for distance.

- Touch W-TIME for WatchMaker TimeZone.

- Touch CHRONO for Date, Stopwatch and Battery Status.

- Touch AGENDA for Calendar entries.

-- Touch SET for Settings.
   Screen1: 12h or 24h
   Screen2: cm or inch
   Screen3: Step Length
   Screen4: Color setting
   Screen5: Dimmed opacity

# Touch wind speed to switch between km and mph.
# Touch Date to open Watch Calendar.
# Touch on steps to open Watch Health.

- Tap middle to move Hands

- Tap on Set to open Setting Menu
 Unit, cm or inch and adjust the step length.

- Tap on TEMP to open Weather Screen
 With real and nice Pictures for Weather.
  Tap on Temperature to open Weather Widget.
  Tap on Location to update Weather.

- Tap on Steps to open Big Screen Steps and Distance
  Tap on Steps to open Health Widget
  Tap on Distance to open Watch Health.

- Tap on Heart Rate to open Big Screen Heart Rate
  Tap on Heart Rate to open Watch Health.

- Tap on Minutes to choose Colors.

- Tap BG - right to change Background forward.
- Tap BG - left- to change Background backward.

- Tap on Date to open Watch Calendar.

Next Watchface will coming soon...
IGUANA Watchface Design
POWERED BY Olaf Habbes
Copyright IWD/Olaf Habbes 2020
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