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Iguana Watch Design
Perfect Design for your Smartwatch
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IguanaWatch Design - Powered by Habbes

Perfect Design
for your Smartwatch
We create professional Watchfaces for Smartwatches.
Recently, preferably for the Samsung Galaxy Watch
Gear S3 / Gear Sport / Galaxy Watch Active.

Now, all my Watchfaces are for free!
Any ideas?

We'd love to create them



My latest Work.

  • Tizen
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Gear S3
  • Gear Sport
  • Watch Active

Galaxy Watch,
Gear S3,
Gear Sport
Galaxy Watch Active

  • FREE
  • pedometer
  • fitness data
  • and more

in processing

  • coming soon
  • preview
  • next project
About Us

My Name is Olaf Habbes and i love Smartwatches. When the first Smartwatches came out, i was only a little skeptical. But since I'm very interested in technology, it was only a question of time until i could call a Smartwatch my own. Then in 2014 i began to create my first Watchfaces because the standard faces were not so beautiful.
I bought myself in the Google Play Store Watchmaker and began to design my own faces. After some time I got quite good results. I shared my faces in a community on Google+ "Watchmaker". In this community I have learned a lot how to create faces. At this point, many thanks to this great community for the great support and help.
At this time I had a homepage from past times with many pictures which I had shot with my SLR camera. So what it is logical to show my watchfaces here. Whenever I find some time, I create new watchfaces. Currently I'm only creating watchfaces for the Samsung Watch (TIZEN).
Unique  Watchfaces
Iguana Watchface Design
I create unique watchfaces for every occasion. All Watchfaces have many and useful functions.
Questions or Help

I like to help

The Smartwatch
Your Watch, your Style.
Classic or Modern. Elegant or Sporty.
Wear it as a fashionable accessory,
as a fitness trainer or for entertainment.
MY Blog
News about Iguana Watchface Design
Hybrid Watchface with color change
Published by IWD - 10/3/2020
ProPilot V2
Analog Watchface
Published by IWD - 2/3/2020
Digital Watchface with color change
Published by IWD - 21/2/2020
Digital Watchface
Published by IWD - 24/1/2020
Latest work
My Watchfaces in the Gear Store

You can find all my watchfaces in the Samsung Gear Store.
Please search for IWD, then you will find all my watchfaces.
Iguana Watch Design

Perfect Designs for your Smartwatch

Germany / NRW
Iguana Watch Design

Wishes, suggestions and / or constructive criticism are always welcome.

You need help with watchfaces, smartwatches or installation of watchfaces? We are happy to answer any question. Supported languages only in English and German. Other languages are not supported and will not be answered!

We answer your question as fast as possible!

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All my watch faces are free!
In order to support my project and continue to offer my
watch faces for free, you can make a small donation if you wish.

                                                                                       Thanks in advance...

Important thing for me
Some people give bad reviews because of you see the AOD
(Always On Display) on my pictures and don't know how to set it.
They should be told: Read the description of your watch!
Or ask me before you give bad reviews!
Please use my contact form for this!

Thank you very much

  • AOD Modus
    AOD (Always On Display) is set in the settings of your Watch!
    Settings -> Dials -> Watch always on

  • Your watch faces are free, I would like to Donate!
    I would be very happy about that. Just use the Donation Button.

  • Some functions are faulty and do not work properly!
    I try to avoid mistakes, but sometimes mistakes creep in.
    Please notify me and I will fix it.

  • I can't find your Watchface on Google Search
    Right! My Watchfaces are only available for Samsung Tizen
    and can only be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store!
    You can reach my watch faces via this Website or search for IWD in the Galaxy Store!

If you have further questions, please use my contact form!
Perfect Designs for your Smartwatch
IguanaWatch Design
Iguana Watchface Design
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