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Fossil Q

Fossil Q Founder
With Weather Forecast


12h Analog Time in Bright Mode and 24h Digital Time in Dimmed Mode, Battery Level for Watch and Phone, Charging Status, Date, Moon Phase, Smooth Seconds, Tap action, Time Zone, Weather with forecast and WiFi.


Touch 12 to change colors.

Touch right circle to change between
Watch or Phone Battery Status.

Touch left circle to open Weather Screen with forecast for 4 Days.

Touch circle above to change Time Zone (settings in Watch Maker)

Touch Date to open Watch Agenda

Do you like my Watchfaces and my work?

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Iguana Watch Design (IWD)

All my Watch Faces I created with Watchmaker. My faces are made predominantly for round watches. For square watches not tested!
Without the express permission of IWD, this Watchfaces not be reproduced, distributed or modified!

Digital Dimmed (°C)

Analog Dimmed (°C)

Digital Dimmed (°F)

Copyright 2016 by IWD. All rights reserved!

Copyright (c) by IWD. All Rights reserved!
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