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           Only for Commander
                                    For Crew Menber
12h Time or 24h Time, Analog, Animation, Date, Digital, Gyroscope,
Battery Level for Watch and Phone, Smooth Seconds, Step Counter,
Tap Actions, Weather.
  • Touch Logo (Ai) to start Andromeda flight, touch again to stop flight.
  • Touch right Dial to change dimmed mode.
  • Touch red triangle, left or right to change screen.
  • Touch Time to change between 12h or 24h.
  • Touch steps to open Google Fit.
  • Touch temperature to open Watch weather
    (depending on the support of the Watch).

  • Touch Date to open Watch Agenda.
  • Touch middle to move Hands.

12h Time, Analog, Battery Level for Watch and Phone,
Smooth Seconds, Color can be change.
left = Watch Power
right = Phone Power

Touch 3 or 9 o'clock to cange colors.
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Copyright (c) by IWD. All Rights reserved!
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